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Planar Retainer
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I was brought onto the team making Planar Retainer halfway through the project's creation cycle due to my previous team disbanding (see Volte-Fahs). My primary purpose on the team was to create a fun and challanging AI for the player to obliterate. To accomplish this goal, I created a Finite State Machine for each enemy type. My secondary purpose on the team was to create all of the promotional materials related to the game. This included the box, manual, CD, sell sheet and game website.

Producer & Designer: David Johnson
Technical Director: Brent Campbell
Product Manager: Chad Hinkle
Copyright ©2007 DigiPen Institute of Technology

Volte-Fahs is a 3D puzzle game built off of the initial principles of Lights Out! by Tiger Electronics. The goal of the project was to take the base game and expand upon it, allowing for players to have a level of customization never before seen for Lights Out! type games. We made great strides towards this end in the first semester of the project, building the framework such that the customization could easily be created in the second semester. However, as my teammate received an internship at a company I was left on a team by myself and subsequently joined the team creating Planar Retainer.

On this game I created the AI and core framework which everything else was built upon. To get the AI functioning I created an in-memory graph which tracked which kept track of all adjacencies. I then used a subgraph applied to the graph to switch the state of affected tiles. In order to get the shortest possible solution, I found some great articles online which showed how to solve Lights Out! using linear algebra. Using the information from these resources and expanding on them slightly to allow for the customization which was later to come, I could consistenly build the correct clicks to solve the puzzle.

Producer & Product Manager: Cassidy Patzuk-Russell
Designer & Tech Director: Chad Hinkle
Copyright ©2006 DigiPen Institute of Technology
Chroma Clash

In Chroma Clash I held two main roles. First was my coding of the AI for the game. To make the AI drive towards its target, I implemented an Artifical Neural Network (ANN) and trained it to drive by having it watch me drive towards the objective. I also implemented a very basic Fuzzy Logic system which allowed for the AI agents to shoot when it sensed something was nearby (be it a player or a turret which it would take over). These two aspects combined created the behavior which you see present in the game.

The second part of Chroma Clash that was responsible for was the menus. The menu system was created using a Finite State Machine. Each state in the state machine had two parts, an "On Enter" and the main body which was executed. By utilizing the FSM's, I was able to create simplistic menus which were extremely functional, were easy to understand, and which looked good.

Plaster your pigment!
Shoot paint across the world and gain control of powerful turrets!

LAN multiplayer!
Color your friends green with your mad skills!

Color outside the lines!
Wide open world for you to lay down your paint against an AI that is as ruthless as you!

Chroma Clash Screenshot
Producer: David Siems
Designer: Jonathon Junker
Tech Director: David Johnson
Product Manager: Chad Hinkle
Download Game (6.40 MB)
Download Manual (711 KB)
Copyright ©2005 - 2006 DigiPen Institute of Technology
In this side-scrolling platformer, you are a VR user trying to get back to reality. While testing out the new VR file manager, the Operating System corrupts, giving complete control to the Colonel and leaving you trapped inside. Luckily, you are booted to a shell stored in Read Only Memory. You must now fight your way through the different Sectors of the Hard Drive, with an Emergency Recovery Disc as your only means of attack and defense. Your mission is to uncorrupt the different device drivers on your path to locating the evil Colonel, in an attempt to release yourself from VR and restore freedom to the system. TCubed Screenshot
Producer: Chad Hinkle
Designer: Brian Firfer
Tech Director: Simon Gayton
Product Manager: Brent Campbell
Download Game (9.22 MB)
Copyright ©2004 - 2005 DigiPen Institute of Technology
Tactical Combat Simulator (TCS)
A 2D ASCII turn-based strategy game on a hex-based map.
Producer: Habib Loew
Designer: Josh Beeler
Tech Director: Chad Hinkle
Copyright ©2003 - 2004 DigiPen Institute of Technology